Notes From Me

The Last Page

Hi there. Long time, no talk. Has it really been a year? I hope you’ve been well. I’m sure this seems pretty off the wall coming back for this. Why now? What have I been up to? Well, I’m going to answer that, address the current news, share some truths about fandom/the biz, and make my own announcements. It’s the tell-all you don’t want to miss. So without any delay, here we go for one more ride!

A Much-Needed Hiatus

Let’s wind the clocks back a year ago. I was juggling my new job at a certain big online entertainment news site and an active fangirl life that I had grown accustomed to during the past two years. I was struggling to keep up with my Theory Thursday posts. I found myself on the fan account less and less. If I’m honest which is the point of this whole thing Season 5 was making it very hard to stay as motivated to keep up the blog. I was getting burned out, so after the S5 finale I decided to just enjoy the summer hiatus. And boy did I! Lots of memories made through various travels and adventures. SDCC was a blast; I got to chat with Jennifer Morrison about her new film “Sun Dogs;” I met more people from the fandom a few of them becoming new friends of mine… what more could you want?! How about a longer hiatus?

After a summer of fun, I started to dread the beginning of S6. I’ve never experienced this type of trepidation over a TV show before. Remember, this is my favorite show. Why on earth would I be feeling this?! It came down to a simple reason: I got tired. Tired of staying attached to my Twitter to keep up with the latest news. Tired of watching people idolize characters and a show to the point of letting their emotions flip based on anything that happened online (hate, spoiler news, BTS pics, the works). Tired of being spread too thin when I really want to be the best at my job, a place where I could really create a career for myself in this crazy industry. Trust me, it’s crazy but I’ll explain why a little bit later.  Because of this, I made a decision. I backed off from the blog and became less active on the fan account not that many of you noticed. It’s fine if you are reading this and didn’t know that I wasn’t really around anymore. I’m not big enough in fandom to create ripples. All this to say, I backed off and it felt great. However, it wasn’t enough.

Most of you know that I also write episode reviews of OUAT for a website. I have been doing this something for almost three years. To give a brief history lesson, this blog was born and then about a week later I got started as a contributor for this particular site. It’s given me the greatest opportunity to A) be able to put into the words my thoughts on an episode, B) lend my talents to fandom and join an incredible community of online writers, and C) give me the confidence to pursue my dreams and get to where I am today. Writing reviews about OUAT has really been a life-changing experience for me. That’s why it is hard to admit that over the course of this year, writing reviews hasn’t given me the same level of happiness it used to. Maybe it was because my interest level in the show had decreased; maybe it was from frustration, believing these reviews weren’t my absolute best work. Maybe it’s both of these reasons plus something more.

To sum it up, I am tired. I’ve had my fun fan experiences (going to cons, meeting the actors, roadtripping to SDCC and Vancouver to go to set in a few days, etc). The show has been winding down towards some kind of conclusion. With just this alone, I was ready to say my goodbye to OUAT and the fandom at the end of Season 6 regardless of renewal, cancellation, XY and Z. Now with the official news of Jennifer Morrison and most of the original cast leaving and the show getting a Season 7 reset renewal, I know that this is the right time for me to make my exit.

Insider Perspective

Before I say adieu to this unique fandom, allow me to share with all of you some insight into the machine of Hollywood. I mentioned earlier how crazy the industry is. Well allow me to illuminate you on an area you think you know but you have no idea.

Over the years thanks to how informed this fandom is, I have connected with some reliable sources who gave me set visit info. Most of us on here do. However, that amplified when I started my new job. A good chunk of my job is having access to red carpet interviews, junkets, and, usually for OUAT, sneak peeks. Because of my in-depth knowledge of the show, I was consulted for title suggestions for articles, questions to ask in interviews, and different angles to work each OUAT article. This in turn would give me access to top-secret info about the show. YES, I did know that Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Josh Dallas were leaving the show for quite some time. YES, I knew about the wedding as they were filming it:  the dress, the vows, the reception, who was there for it, the works. NO, I did not know if the show was going to get renewed or not. I didn’t know everything, and I still don’t. That’s fine by me. BUT there is a major con to this whole arrangement. Here’s the truth:  many people in the media do NOT keep up with most shows unless they have interviews and articles planned.

Yeah kids, it’s that bad.

Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast in this industry: exclusive information is power. You see this bleed out into our own fandom. Most of the “top” accounts in fandom are the ones who hold the most information, whether they visit set, have friends who work on set, or better yet, are followed/friends with members of the cast/crew. Not all, but there are some of these accounts who lord their secrets over, dangling them to tempt others to buy into their “importance.” For those who visit set frequently, there’s a toxic hierarchy and sense of entitlement. It’s not everyone, but you definitely feel it there. The one and only time I went to set in Steveston during filming, one fan who is a set regular told me that the regulars deserve special treatment over other fans who come by. This fan told me this literally after I had drove up the entire West Coast to come seeing filming of my favorite show. Not cool bro. This has to change.

Ok I’m not here to tear apart the industry nor am I here proclaiming to be above the system. I work in it every day but I’m not blind. I just want to share some truth and insight to how some of this game works. It’s not pretty, but it’s not all horrible either. Maybe we just need to change the current narrative on how we spread news as well as change the value we place on the people spreading it.

My Final Thoughts

Confession: I didn’t think I would be writing this. I’ve been staring at this for a couple of days now. I didn’t think that the end would come like this. But here we are. This is where I take my bow. I will watch the season finale, write my review, say some goodbyes, then I’m out. Not sure at the moment if the account will deactivate; regardless, it will become a ghost town.

For those in fandom sticking around for the S7 reset, I have nothing but love for all of you, and I hope this show continues to bring you joy. I don’t want to bring anyone down for not having that same level of excitement as everyone else. So I’m stepping back to prevent raining on everyone’s parade. Just promise me you won’t lose sight on the life around you outside of the online world. I’ll miss so many of you! Keep the hope alive!

To the entire fandom, thank you for everything! It’s been amazing most of the time, it’s been rough some other weeks (even some hiatuses), but I’ll never regret the ride. This online community has taught me how to navigate through the hate to find some authentic friends. You’ve helped expose the idols in my life and how it can distort my view on life if I let it. Above all, the Oncer fandom has given me the safe space to let my love & enthusiasm run rampant and be welcomed into a community unlike any other. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ONCERS!

To the fellowship of OUAT review writers, I looked up to all of you for so long. Just a novice, you welcomed me in with open arms, encouraged me when I didn’t see the best in my writing, and challenged me to push the boundaries and create my own unique voice. It was a privilege to write alongside you gifted ladies and read your elegant words analyze a show we love. I will always be a fan of your work and I can’t wait to read more of what you have. And hey, I’m not out of the writing game for good. Maybe you’ll see some new stuff in the future.

To the friends I’ve made on here, you kept me here as long as I have. Thank you for the laughs and the fun. Thank you showing me the love that can come out of this crazy fandom. Thank you for reading my insane theories and letting me fangirl with you. Thank you for sharing your lives with me, and I with you. Who can say I’ve been changed for the better, but because I know you I’ve been changed for good. Thank you Wicked! Here’s to a new chapter of a beautiful friendship.

Last and definitely not least, to the crew, the cast, the writers, A&E, and Once Upon A Time:  you have changed my life. Not exaggerating. I think most of us online share this sentiment. Together, all of you have brought to life a fantasy show that stirs our imagination and instills hope. It’s magical escapism at its best. I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me to pursue my dreams. Thank you for the love you’ve shown the fans. Thank you for telling stories and continuing to share them. I’m very thankful all of you are employed and working please don’t mistake me leaving for I want all of you unemployed, that’s just awful! All great stories must come to an end; I hope you discover that ending naturally with they new story you will begin to tell. Plus, I can’t wait to see what other projects are on the horizon for the cast that’s saying goodbye, the directors, writers, Mark Isham and his team, everyone who has been a part of this amazing show. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the most incredible six years. You will always hold a special place in my heart… you are a part of my story.

The chills are coming and the tears are ready to fall.

Well, I guess that’s it. Thank you for reading along with this, as well as my other posts, tweets, and ramblings. Until we meet again, I send you nothing but love and gratitude.


Theory Thursday

An Untold Story

THIS. IS. IT. I know many of you are still reeling from last week’s rollercoaster of an episode, but we are at the end. In a blink of an eye, another season has come and gone. Theories correctly guessed; others way too far off. No matter, this is my final theory post for the season, breaking down my top 5 theories for this finale and even diving into S6 territory. This set of theories continues on from last week’s “Only You” post, and of course, spoilers have been taken into account for the development of these theories. So, SPOILER ALERT! With that, hang on for one more time!

Theory 1: Part of the heroes travel to an asylum realm. In last week’s theory, I theorized that Zelena opens a portal for the Merida & Camelot people to return home, this tying up that storyline especially now that Arthur has redeemed himself in the Underworld. So allow me to tweak that theory ever so slightly. I had mentioned before that something would and Snow would be dragged into the portal. Well now based on the plot synopsis, Snow, Charming, Hook, AND Zelena fall into the portal that transports them to an in-between realm. What I mean by that is I think that there is a realm that’s been created to trap various characters across all realms. For my Marvel fans, think Prison 42 or the Raft prison from Captain America: Civil War. These characters have been seen as insane or pose a threat, so they’ve been locked away in this realm. So yes, Davy Crockett and Dr. Jekyll have been deemed insane, and this is probably where Dorothy’s parents wanted to send Dorothy to after she first returned from Oz. I think the heroes in their efforts to return to Storybrooke will rescue & bring some of these characters back with them. However the warden and the overseer of the realm will begin a manhunt after them, thus introducing the villain of S6 and begin the asylum arc on the show.

Theory 2: Violet returns to Camelot. In the season finale, we know Henry goes rogue to New York City to destroy magic once and for all, and Violet decides to be a rebellious teen and goes with him instead of returning to Camelot with her father. Despite the bonding and adventure between the young couple, I believe Violet will see the importance of family between Henry and his mothers and make the decision to return home. Plus, we know that magic will still exist by the end of the finale because of spoiler pics of the heroes coming through a portal to NYC opend presumely by Emma, Regina, and/or Rumple. They will probably open another portal for Violet and Henry will have to say goodbye to his first love. 

Theory 3: Baby Gold is born by the end of the season finale. The Dark One may have tethered Storybrooke’s magic to the Olympian crystal for the season finale, but a second shot at fatherhood is going to change him. At the core of Rumple’s redemption has always been centered around fatherhood, making things right with his son Neal and not becoming like his own father, Peter Pan. We know that S6 will be set in Storybrooke NO REALM JUMPING! WOO! So I believe that his redemption arc will begin again with the birth of his child. Just because Belle is under a curse doesn’t mean her body just stopped working. Her pregnancy will continue to progress. This show doesn’t believe in long pregnancies, so I think the season will end with new life. Rumple’s main story will be that of redemption as he enters into fatherhood once again.

Theory 4: Killian moves in with Emma. Despite the news that there will be no proposal this season still not fully convinced but we shall see, I don’t think we are walking away from this season without some commitment talk between Emma and Killian. They have been tested and tried all season, going to the depths of darkness and the Underworld and overcoming all of it. The big emotional payoff of that happened last week when they reunited in Storybooke. However, I don’t think it will end there. Emma and Killian have been fighting for there white picket fence happy ending together. Emma has her own house now. She just got Killian back and has no intention of letting him out of her sight again. I would find it odd if Emma didn’t ask her pirate to move in with her. We know that the two kiss out in front of Granny’s in 5×23. I think it’s in response to Killian agreeing to live with his Swan and begin their future together. After everything they’ve been through this season, they deserve a little fluff.

Theory 5: Regina will overcome the Evil Queen. She and the audience are grieving the loss of Robin Hood. We know the Evil Queen makes an appearance in the finale. I think she will come out during “Only You” after Henry goes rogue and her equilibrium is shaken. However, I think Regina will overcome this in “An Untold Story” when her perspective is realigned to what she realized back in Season 4: her happy ending is feeling like she belongs in the world. Finding Henry and saving magic will give her the strength she needs to enter into a new chapter of her life and further developing this complex character. 

THAT’S IT! I’m done! My theorizing brain is going on vacation! Thanks everyone for a wonderful season, reading my theories and following me through some crazy ideas. I’ll be back around SDCC time as we embark on another magical season of “Once Upon A Time.” Have a great summer, friends! 

Notes From Me

The Cost of Fandom

The fandom of “Once Upon A Time” is a very unique group of people. Unlike other fandoms, this one has an extremely active online community. We thrive on new interviews, interaction with anyone involved with the show, and of course, filming news and spoilers. It’s exciting to be “in the know” and build up that anticipation. However, the reality is, it comes at a great cost. Surprises don’t have the same impact once it’s spoiled. We are emotional; the entire fandom’s emotions can flip on a dime over the smallest things. We get angry when we find out something we don’t want. Entitlement and status reign supreme when you hold valuable info over others and choose to play them out like chess pieces on a board. The game becomes rigged and the fandom suffers as a result.

Last night, mass hysteria hit social media (mainly Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram) when certain pictures from this upcoming episode leaked. There was also a post that listed a set of demands for a certain couple and tagged some actors, show runners, and even an online producer. I’m happy to say I was separated from the madness because I was watching the premiere of Captain America: Civil War which you should definitely see at some point! When I came back from it, I saw the uproar and a new civil war break out amongst fans. This morning, one actor chose to embrace & tweet out one of the leaked pics. Maybe it was to soften the blow with some humor, I’m not sure. As a courtesy to the fans who are oblivious to the news or fans who do not want to be spoiled, I will refrain from discussing the details of the spoilers. Suffice to say, Sunday is going to be an intense day.

To the account who leaked the photos, I really don’t understand what you were trying to accomplish in doing that. You have robbed fans of surprise and an emotional response to this episode. Those moments have been cheapened and therefore the impact has less weight. You have ignited a new war that may not be stopped until common sense enters fandom which unfortunately is rare. 

To the person that posted her list of demands for a couple and tagged various people in it, stop tagging writers, actors, and journalists. Amongst fans, fine. The show is written as it is and there will always be things we want that won’t get touched on. Online communities is where the fan things we want can live & be created, OUTSIDE THE SHOW.We all have our wish lists of things we want but at the end of the day, if we got everything we wanted it still wouldn’t satisfy.

To the fans devastated by the spoilers, I am truly and deeply sorry. It has been speculated for months, but nothing compares to having your nightmares become reality. I’m a fan as well, and it pains me to see the hardcore fans of those characters in pain. Sunday is going to be rough and I will cry along with you. But please, for the love of what this show is rooted on, please don’t lash out to others, including the writers. I know it hurts, but spreading hate is not going to make things any better, only worse. 

To the fans who are happy by the spoilers, stop boasting and provoking other fans to wrath. A year ago, you were devastated with finale spoilers that made your hiatus miserable. Now that you are of that, it’s not ok to kick others while their down. And don’t give me that karma excuse. There is no place for that.

Last but not least, to the fandom as a collectively whole, we have become our own worst enemy. What started out as a fun community has turned into a battleground. It shouldn’t be like this, but this is what happens when we obsess over something: we want everything before we can handle it. Things need to happen in its time. Which is why I am personally looking forward to hiatus after I send in my final review of the season. I think we all need time to cool down and reevaluate before jumping back in Season 6, though I imagine many of you are deciding whether to come back at all. I hope no one stops watching this show, but you can if you wish. 

This fandom is precious to me. I wouldn’t post this if I didn’t care. I love you all. Spread love. Have hope.

Theory Thursday

Only You

Hey friends! I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for the past couple of weeks. Things have been crazy! But I’m back for the most important theorizing of the season: THE FINALE! Yeah, we are now at the end & it’s time to tie a bow on Season 5. Today’s post will mainly focus on the finale, whereas next week will be both finale & early S6 theories. Please note that spoilers are fair game in these finale posts, so this is your spoiler alert! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s do this!

Theory 1: Henry is the key to bringing Killian Jones back. Fans were devastated as Emma walked through the portal back to Storybrooke without her pirate. Emma has yet to fail in her endeavors; I would hate to believe that this arc to bring Killian back was all for nothing. Plus, due to filming news we know that Emma & Killian are seen kissing out in front of Granny’s in 5×23 “An Untold Story.” SO HE IS COMING BACK! Breathe easy friends! The question is how. In 5×20, Henry spent the time to write out the departed souls’ unfinished business in order to pass over to a “better place.” While being in the Underworld, he has finally started to embrace & use his power. Henry also was visibly upset when Emma told him that Killian wasn’t going back with them. I don’t think Henry just left the Underworld without leaving a fail safe behind for Killian. Part of the reason the a Author was even going work with Cruella was to clear his mom’s slate and keep her happy endings. Killian is a part of that. PLUS, Henry purposely left the UW storybook behind AND the plot synopsis of 5×21 “Last Rites” says that Killian is looking for the storybook. 

Theory 2: The Camelot and Brave storyline gets resolved. One of the criticisms of the first half of the season was the unresolved story of Merida and the Camelot characters. This Underworld arc has been about dealing with unfinished business, so it would be foolish of the writers to not do the same with their earlier story. Based on filming spoilers and finale plot synopses, a portal will be opened to send the Camelot people minus Violet because she will be on her own adventure with Henry in NYC back to their land. I believe that the portal will be opened by Zelena but of course, something will go wrong and Snow will be dragged into the portal as well. 

Theory 3: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde enter Storybrooke to kick off an asylum arc in Season 6. Ok so a few weeks ago I theorized that Jacob and Nathaniel were actually the Brothers Grimm. I’d like to back track on that theory and tweak it a bit. These are called theories for a reason! So based on a reliable source, the actors who play these characters were called on set during filming Jekyll and Hyde. BOOM. With that in mind, the first question is how did they get there. Nor,ally on this show, our core characters are responsible for this; however, I think for these two, they enter the main story on their own. No spell was conjured. The story of Jekyll and Hyde is about a man torn between two extreme personalities of himself and eventually he succumbs to the madness of Mr. Hyde. From what we know of Nathaniel and Jacob in OUAT, Nathaniel is trying to escape the manipulative power of Jacob see the parallels there. There have been teases of an asylum throughout this arc so I think Nathaniel is in an asylum where he meets someone who gives him a magic bean to escape. The portal takes him to Storybrooke and enters our main story and thus beginning this asylum storyline on the show.

Theory 4: New York City has magic. Once upon a time, I theorized about the importance of New York ( This city has been brought up time and time again, and this can’t be coincidence. In the finale, Rumple goes back to New York. From what we know so far, Belle is still under the sleeping curse. Why would he leave her now? Unless there is a way to bring her and gain more power as the Dark One in the Big Apple. I’m convinced that Adam & Eddy watched “The 10th Kingdom” while developing this show. For those who don’t know, “The 10th Kingdom” was a mini-series about fairytales and magic entering our world, making NYC the tenth kingdom. Also side note, the Wolf and Virginia definitely remind me of Emma and Killian. All of this to say, I think New York is a hub of old magic that our characters keep going back to, whether they realize it or not. 

Theory 5: Robin Hood goes away for a while. We’ve been speculating die quite some time who will get the axe on OUAT next. Due to filming news, it’s been leaning toward our favorite outlaw. Then, the promo for 5×21 saying that a certain death will break the heart of Storybrooke. We know Regina goes into Evil Queen mode for the finale. Regina created Storybrooke; therefore, she is the heart of the town. Plus, the only two people Reguna would ever be devastated over is Robin and Henry. We know Regina goes with Emma to find Henry in the a big Apple. So that leaves Robin Hood. Let me be clear: I DO NOT WANT ROBIN HOOD TO DIE! But I do believe Robin is going to be absent in this new season, either by death or trapped in another realm. If he were to die, I think it will be Hades in a effort to cut Robin out so he could create a family with Zelena, using a tool with water from the River of Lost Souls in it.

So there you go. The first half of my finale theories. Come back next week for the last of them. The end is near! Start preparing your souls for a new hiatus!

Theory Thursday

A Tale of Two Brothers 

As we get closer to the S5 finale, we have to start looking ahead to what’s next. And now I’m finally going to address the casting news that has puzzled me for weeks until now. Hank Harris and Sam Witwer were signed on for recurring roles for the final episodes of S5 and on to S6. Hank is cast as Nathaniel, a troubled patient at a mental institute abused by the warden Jacob, played by Sam. This bugged me way too much! Was this all to say this show has been the imagination of one of the characters? Thankfully no. Adam Horowitz has gone on record saying that this isn’t inside a mental patient. BUT that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to explore that more because we have seen this before! 

Long ago on a show called “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland” Alice was placed in a mental institute after being determined mad, talking about saving Cyrus and returning to Wonderland. Alice is from the realm of fictional Victorian England. Based on the costumes and description of the Jacob and Nathaniel, I believe they come from the same realm as Alice. But we aren’t done yet.

Filming news for the 2-hr finale suggests that Henry (and Violet) has an adventure in NYC, and it’s up to Emma and Regina to find him. Henry is the Author, and I think we forget how big of a target that makes him. We know they eventually make it back to Storybrooke but Nathaniel shows up there. What if he is there to warn the heroes, specifically Henry? Stay with me: it’s  about to get crazy! I don’t think Nathaniel is insane. I think he was captured and placed in the institute for a reason. I think he was placed there because he is competition. I believe Jacob is actually Jacob Grimm, one of the most famous fairytale authors. Remember, Alice would later go on to write her adventures in Wonderland. Nathaniel could also be a writer with a story to tell, but during his time, it was perceived as odd, the Brothers Grimm got tracked him down & imprisoned him in their institute to keep him from sharing his story. However the plot thickens when he finds a way to escape and meet the new Author, Henry. Jacob and his brother Wilhelm (who remains to be cast) are now on their way to try to take over story, converging storytelling worlds. 

WHOA. That was a lot to take in! And I know it seems out there, but with this show anything is possible. So ponder on this as we get closer to the finale and a brand new season! 

Theory Thursday

Tallying the Scoreboard

This is the beginning of the end. Filming has officially wrapped. No more filming spoilers or BTS pics. The only new info we get will be finished product. Everything we know has been laid out like scattered puzzle pieces. So let’s get to work.

An annual tradition of is creating the May Sweeps scorecard, one that will be completely filled in by the time the last season finale airs. It tabulates the events that will happen in the upcoming season finale. This is for ALL shows on major networks, NOT JUST OUAT, throughout the month of May! So with that in mind, I’ve studied & pondered & theorize where I think “Once Upon A Time” will fit in. Note: I’m just listing the categories our show will fit in and excluding the other ones. If you would like to know why I don’t think certain categories apply, please message me.

Character giving birth: Belle. I don’t think it’s a question that Belle fits this spot. She’s currently pregnant; her unborn child is in debt to Hades. And come on! They sped up Zelena’s pregnancy; I doubt they will really drag this thing out!

Couples having sex, kissing, OR saying “I Love You” for the first time: 1) Robin and Regina for “I Love You.” Yeah, we will never forget that steamy vault scene. But this couple is starting to gain some momentum in scenes since 4×16. With everything they’ve gone through, I think they are due for this. PLUS, for the fans who do believe Robin is going to die, you just know that his final words to Regina will be those of love. 2) Emma and Killian for “couple having sex.” After everything they’ve been through this ENTIRE season, these two need a moment… in their house… ALONE! Call me an optimist but yeah, coffee. 

(Possible) Fatalities: Robin. Of the FOURTEEN reported deaths to come and filming spoilers, the one most likely on the chopping block is our favorite outlaw with a bow and arrow. HOWEVER, I don’t believe this is the last time we will see him. Keep in mind, the current arc is literally reuniting us with the dearly departed AND this scoreboard has a resurrection list too. Also, I added him to the possible fatalities category because we could get a scene at the end suggesting he might still be around!

Characters leaving town: 1) Zelena. On the last day of shooting, Rebecca Mader was filming on blue screen outside. Looked like a portal. What if she goes off on her own little adventure? 2) Rumple. Oh Rumple. Such a complicated character! Last episode, he clearly laid out the man he is, one who loves power as much as he loves Belle. His character has been seen filming in “New York” a bit. This reminds me of an earlier theory I had about the importance of the Big Apple. Maybe he decides to stick around there a bit, collecting souvenirs & potentially more magic.

Resurrections and/or big returns: Robin. Again, call me an optimist but I don’t think we are done with him yet. If anything we could lose him one episode then BAM one of the last shots of the TWO-HOUR FINALE is his eyes opening or something. The course of true love never runs smooth, and Regina and Robin’s story is far from over. Hence, resurrection.

Engagements/question popping: Emma and Killian. After a season of angst and unrest between these two, from losing each other to darkness & death, there has to be an emotional payoff. Plus, on the last day of shooting in Steveston, there was a scene of the two of them enthusiastically kissing in front of Granny’s, which has been an important location for the two. Adam & Eddy have gone on record saying that there won’t be a wedding this season, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future. 

So there you go! My early theories of the season finale! From here on out, most of the remaining theories of this season will be about the finale. It’s been a crazy ride and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. 

Theory Thursday

Dancing With the Devil

At the end of last week’s episode, the audience found out partially why Hades wanted to keep the storybook pages away from the heroes: he has history with Zelena. *GASP* Then the promo follows and this history with Zelena appears to be romantic turned tragic due to the tears Zelena had when questioned about Hades. So the big question is: what happened and what does she know?

Here’s a story: Evil Boy meets Evil Wicked Girl. At first it’s a flirtatious relationship wanting something from the other. Then, Wicked Girl finds herself letting down those walls, thinking this could be something real. Even Evil Boy thought he could fall for her too when he lets slip his weaknesses and vulnerabilities to Wicked Girl. Someone walks in during that and of course Evil Boy gets paranoid, and leaves her high and dry. The end, except not really! 

Here’s what IS happening: Hades has employed Rumple to make a portal to Storybrooke. Rumple will do it because he wants to get out of a deal that will force him to give up his second-born child (first child with Belle). Zelena is back in Oz. Baby Hood is with Blue Fairy in Storybrooke. Everybody got that? GOOD! 

Here’s where I start theorizing. I think Hades is going to get Rumple out of his deal by trading Rumple’s baby for Baby Hood. Once in possession of the baby, he strikes a deal with Zelena, buying her silence on his weaknesses to get her daughter back. However the deal she makes might have the fine print of she has to stay in Underworld, making her OUAT’s version of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. For Hades, this could be fueled by romantic feelings but largely in part out of protection for himself. And like most mothers especially on this show, she will do whatever it takes to be with her child. The Storybrooke heroes will strike a deal with Zelena: work together to get her child back & defeat Hades.

This relationship between the Wicked Witch and the God of the Underworld is one I’m excited to see play out. Whatever happens, it should be wicked fun!